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About Microfinish Engineerss

Microfinish Engineerss

Microfinish Engineerrss is a company that has a core of skilled and dedicated professionals who can consistently deliver high quality construction at a competitive price under the motto "Right Choice for the Right Creation."

Company Established in January 2000. Er.R.Palani Velan, B.Tech., D.C.E., P.D.Q.S., a civil engineer and surveyor by profession and secretary of the Chennai Civil Engineers Association for the years 2021–2022, as well as president of the South Chennai Construction and Real Estate Industry Coalition, is in charge of running the business.

We have a group of experts in the fields of architecture, licence surveying, Chartered engineering, structural design, interior design, skilled labour, 3D view, scheme drawing, approval drawing, and skilled labour.

We complete our projects for reasonable costs that fit the customer's budget and are of a high calibre. Trusted by people and organizations providing space for endless possibilities to create the home that you always wanted.